Sibohan Curran posts a very personal discussion:

(I wrote this about a month ago. It was supposed to be the first of a three-part discussion on some of the problems I have with transvestism, the issues I think it generates, and the effects it has on other people. I was going to wait until I’d written all three parts before I posted it, but I think if I stuck to that strategy, it’ll never see the light of day.)

It would be ridiculous, I feel, for me to even hint at the notion that I think transvestism is A Bad Thing™. Not just ridiculous, ludicrous in fact. I mean, if I thought for one second that what I did day-in, day-out was in someway inherently wrong, well, I’d be a hippocrite of the highest order.


But that doesn’t stop me wondering about it, you know, in a “What if?” kinda way.

11/10/09-Sibohan closed her blog, so I removed the now useless link.