This was a profile I wrote for an old Geocites page. It’s a bit…fun…

She began in New Orleans and brings her erotic dominant stylings and dark Southern roots to Dallas. A new city, with new passions and pleasures.

She enjoys traveling throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Her favorite cities are New Orleans, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and London. Ask about travel arraingements.

What interests her? Bondage, sexual torment, sensation control and enhancement, leather, PVC, latex, corsetry, gloves, dark Domination, Goth, feminization, maids who are into real service, the joys of being transgendered.

She will push your limits, because that is where we find who we truly are.

Her idea of a perfect moment would be cafe au lait served in a little coffee house in the French Quarter on a fall evening just after the rain . . .

She smokes dark clove cigarettes with an aloof attitude. It’s an affectation, but she doesn’t mind.

She is a lifestyle Domina and does not switch. No matter how nicely you ask.

What gets her attention? A well-written, thought-out profile. A photo; you can see what she looks like, then she should be able to see what you look like. Shared interests, of course. Sincerity, a sense of humor, intelligence, and an interest in what she wants and how you can make her happy. She considers your words carefully; you should too.

You want to know her; you will never know everything about her.