Okay, I forgot a few things to say in my SCC report:

* Christianne should get a medal for being my roommate. The ideal person to share a space with-we don’t get into each other’s way, or have to keep each other entertained. But we get along really well, and have the same snarky sense of seeing things so it works perfectly…

* This year was a major turning point for SCC, in more ways than one. Moving the convention away from the Downtown/Buckhead area, which was also closer to the “gay” areas of the city. There was a risk moving to the suburbs, and the edge of the Perimeter (the ring road that surrounds Atlanta and defines the city from the suburban sprawl). I admit that it worked out far better than I expected, but I also ended up having to drive further to see things.

SCC hosted the first Transgender Career Expo this year. There were major companies participating, like American Airlines, Turner and Sprint. And from what I’ve heard, it went incredibly well. SCC also made changes to the programming and events, some of which worked better than others. SCC, which was already the largest TG convention, is probably going to be the most influential in a few years.

* I flew AirTran from Dallas to Atlanta. The irony is not lost on me.

* One of the more remarkable moments of the trip was a small one. One of the DC Posse wanted to go to the mall across the street, but didn’t’ want to go alone, so of course I generously volunteered to join her. Yes, I’m so selfless…Did some shopping, we tried on hats (she wanted a ball cap, which she kept putting on sideways), got coffee. On the way back out, she asked me how I could stand people staring at me.

I said, “What people?” I had not noticed anyone staring. I really don’t worry about what other people think when I’m out, unless they are openly hostile. It’s not like I think I won’t be noticed-I’m tall, big, and not exactly a shrinking violet in public. To learn how to be comfortable with yourself and not panic when you are “clocked” are two important social skills any transperson has to develop, quickly. Unless you want to remain in your closet forever…

Need tea, that’s enough for now.