After SCC, I had about a week to decompress and try to get back into things. Of course, life has a way of interfering with your mood. I decided to make the local crossdresser’s group’s monthly meeting, more as an excuse to dress up than anything. I’d mentioned on their mailing list that I needed to find a pair of dress boots, and someone offered to bring a pair in my size to try. It was also their Halloween party, but I decided to not bother trying with a costume-I knew I was going to go do some shopping before the party. I could have brought something to wear, but why bother?

Ever notice it always takes you twice as long to get ready as you think it will, even if you know what you’re wearing? Exactly. I drove to Electrique Boutique to see if they might have a pair of dress boots. I knew they’d have stripper boots, and fetish thigh-highs, but anything less dramatic they don’t normally carry in my size.

And I was right. So off to Kroger’s for snacks for the party, then to the Gay and Lesbian Center for the meeting. I wasn’t the only person who didn’t dress for the holiday. But some did, including a new person who I didn’t recognise. When we started talking, we realised that we knew each other from online. Small world?

The turnout for the meeting was not bad, there was more socializing than anything, though nobody seemed to want to go out afterward and I wasn’t going alone, so I called it an early night. In the past, that would have bothered me but somehow tonight, it didn’t. I did talk to Anna about going shopping the following Friday at Allen Premium Outlets for the boots. She was interested in going out shopping, and I like spending time with her.

So, the following Friday, I do my best casual girl look (black ballet top with 3/4 length sleeves, purple and black print broomstick skirt) and called her on the way. When she realised we had made plans, and I took my time getting there to give her time to get ready. We went to the outlet mall, and walked the entire thing (it’s a big outdoor mall in a circle). And NOBODY had a pair of boots in 12m. I mean, really! I did get a sweater at Lane Bryant Outlet, which is one of the best places to shop. But I was cranky enough over not finding boots that I went back home earlier than I’d planned, fighting Friday evening traffic which made me more cross…

I talked to a friend online about my problem, and she suggested looking for a particular boot on eBay. And I found them, at a good price. They came in today, and fit perfectly! THAT made my day!

Saturday afternoon I fly to DC for a wedding of two good friends. Andrea I’ve known for a while, since we were commenting on each other’s LiveJournals. I’ve seen her romance with Brooke blossom for a while, and when I was invited to attend I was truly touched. Which is why I needed the boots, because the outfit I’m wearing wouldn’t work as well without them.

So, that’s what has been going on. More or less. I’ll post something from DC…