Patrons praise opening of Lufkin’s 1st alternative lifestyle club

Now, this probably does not mean anything to 99.99% of you out there, but bear with me? My father’s side of the family resided in the Lufkin, TX and my father and paternal grandmother are buried there. It’s a city of 35,000 in the middle of the East Texas forests, and that’s about all you can say about it. And they opened a gay bar there…

Okay, so the newspaper calls it an “alternative lifestyle club” which makes it sound like either a swinger’s club or BDSM hangout (hmmmmmm….), instead of using the GAY word in the headline. And they to try to tone down the LGBT nomenclature in the article. But let’s be thankful that a) a gay bar opened where I’d never expect to see one and b) the local newspaper didn’t treat it like the coming of Satan Incarnate.

Take victories where you can.