This was posted after my first trip to Dallas, when we were getting ready to move. My spouse had decided she had to move from New Orleans after Katrina, and she’d found a job here. I really did not know Dallas, did not know anyone here. So I was on a trip to the city to scout things out…

From April 14, 2006:

The Church at the Lizzard 4-09-06-resized

A great time in Dallas last weekend. Met some of the local tgirls at MCDC Saturday night; they were welcoming and friendly to a stranger. Went to the gay clubs afterward, which were fun. Sunday night went to The Church which is a Goth club and danced my ass off. Oh, there was also shopping, house hunting, eating, and in general getting to know the city. A good thing.

And just for you, a new picture, taken at The Church Sunday night. I feel it’s one of my best :)

I became a member of MCDC, but I’ve pretty much given up on them. I found friends here, made my own social group, and have gotten more comfortable with myself. The Church is fun, except when they do a big event then is so crowded you can’t think. While I found a house I loved on this trip, we couldn’t move on it fast enough. The house we actually purchased I did not see until I moved to Dallas.

And that picture is still one of my favorites.