I haven’t written a lot lately. I had eye surgery two weeks ago, and it will be another week or two before I try applying makeup. The surgery was to remove a cataract; and yes I’m very young to be dealing with them. The plus is that now I have 20/20 vision; the minus is I have to wear reading glasses and use a magnifying mirror to apply eye makeup.

I have not been out in a while, and now I have to wait a bit longer. I really have been going through a bad self-image period, where I feel very…ugly. Eventually I’ll work it out.

I’ve got twenty followers now. Who knew?

The English Lesson has gotten more responses than anything else I’ve posted here. And a few other people have added their own irritations. I’m glad I am not the only one who feels that way…

I am glad that I copied my Yahoo 360 stuff before they killed the service off. It was a service that had promise, but Yahoo never had a clue. And now, Yahoo is not even a search engine anymore.

Oh, and what’s so great about Ping? I’ve used it, and I don’t see that it does much better than Google. The only thing I like so far is that its air travel search also uses Farecast’s price forecasting algorithm. If you’ve never used it, it predicts air fares over time and advises you to buy now or wait for a better price. But I prefer Kayak to search for prices.

And the weather has been blistering hot.