A brief interlude between memories from SCC:

I was going to try to go out Friday night to Panoptikon, but things conspired to make that a no-go. It’s one of the two Gothic club night organizers in Dallas (The Church on Thursday and Sunday is the other) and I have not been out there in ages-at least since they moved back to Club One/Excuses in Deep Ellum. 

I tried posting something to the list I used to use, but it seems like it’s gone cold. The moderator of the Dallas Feminine Expressions Meetup-who also moderates the old list-basically told me to use the Meetup instead. I have mixed feelings about Meetup. It’s adequate for large events or when you want to invite a lot of people out; it’s not so good when you have a last minute dinner/clubbing thing. I got a few responses from Meetup-all RSVPing they can’t come. The only person who did show up? Someone who read my post about it on the Feminine Expressions announce list…

I of course ran late getting to the place I’d chosen for dinner-The Bronx Cafe on Cedar Springs. I hadn’t been there in a while; it used to be the default choice for Girl’s Nights Out until Hung Dinger became the popular spot (I think that the waitstaff does drag may have something to do with it). I wore my black Z. Cavaricci dress (with an asymmetrical zipper on the front that gives it a kind of biker jacket look), black knee-hi socks with a pink seam on the back (because I couldn’t find stockings or tights that weren’t laddered!), my new black patent heels (Nordstrom Rack, love you!) and managed not to look like a wreck while rushing about! 

Robin was a wonderful dinner companion; I’d never had a chance to chat with her before. Since it was Cruisin’ the Crossroads (each of the Caven bars has free cover and $2 well drinks for a half hour) we went by Sue Ellen’s and then Station 4. There was a huge crowd out-this is Pride weekend in Dallas. We both chatted with a lot of people, saw some fabulous outfits, and had a wonderful time. After a letdown post-Southern Comfort, it was nice to get out for a while. 

Back to your regularly scheduled reporting soon.