Addenda, thoughts, and What It All Means:

The package I left with the hotel to be shipped off on the Monday after SCC? I call Tuesday after checking the UPS web tracking and find out that no, it’s still there because nobody gave it to the driver. They manage to get it on a truck Wednesday, and it was back in town by the weekend.

The nail salon in Atlanta that I love and forgot to name? Classic Nail, 4772 Ashford Dunwoody Rd.; the phone number is (770) 392-9135. Really, they did an excellent job and my nails still looked great the entire trip.

I have mixed feelings about the hotel this year. Because I used my Priority Club points to pay for part of my stay, I got upgraded to the Club Floor for free. I don’t think I would have paid extra for the privilege, but it was nice. The room was great-the AC worked perfectly, very comfortable and clean. The water pressure in the shower was sometimes an issue, as was the temperature, but you could never find a pattern to the issue.

And the toilet kept flushing itself. I had to talk to the desk twice about fixing it, and the maintenance person who came up to fix it thought I’d called about a blocked toilet. Nice, people. I should not complain about the parking, since it is free if you do it yourself. But the garage is too small-I was almost unable to find a spot in it, and the valets were not very helpful.

Do I like the hotel? I’ve gotten used to it, but I miss the old place. It was closer to the center of town, and most of the places I wanted to go to were nearby. But it’s no longer an option; now a W Hotel, there are not enough rooms for SCC.

I saved this to come back and finish it, and of course I published the frelling thing instead. So here’s the rest of my post…

I’ve said before that I was thinking that this was going to be my last SCC. This year, I haven’t felt the kind of anticipation or excitement that I usually do before the event. The SCCLounge was more of a chore than ever, and a few things happened that did not help my mood. People have been telling me they aren’t going anymore. They don’t feel like it’s worth going to; they’ve gotten everything out of it they can; it’s focused on things they aren’t interested in; they’re fed up with the “community.”

And probably the first two days at SCC, I was still feeling that way. And then I started talking to people, and getting back into a “groove” at the event. It made me feel like there was something more there. Are there problems with SCC? Yes, but they can be fixed. The health fair was a good start; making AIDS/STD awareness an integral part of the programming should be continued. The “Princess Day” was a great idea, and needs to continue. There needs to be more discussion about the direction the convention is going to take. And more openness, less leaving people in the dark and wondering what’s going on…

I’ve seen too often that people feel like they are being marginalized and not part of the “community” for a lot of reasons. There has always been the transsexuals who are on the One True Path to their “wholeness” who regard anyone who is not TS as fake. There are crossdressers who don’t give a damn about the issues of transsesuals, and transsexuals who think crossdressers can’t understand them. Transmen are often ignored because there’s this concept that they have it easier than MTF’s. And that’s only part of it.

I don’t have any answers. I screwed up enough this year. I was supposed to meet up with people and didn’t because I got caught up in my own thing, and I feel bad about that. I don’t want to be a flake, but I was one this year. I’ve tried to apologize to those concerned and hope that they’re gracious enough to forgive me.

I did have a good time. There were some great moments-Wednesday at the mall, shopping and being a model. Dinner with a friend Thursday night and finding out that she’s more fabulous than I thought. Getting a makeover Friday and looking fabulous and feeling blissed. Finding that I still had that goth girl inside and she’s still fierce, and getting to see someone who I really wish I could keep more in touch with. And going to the Barber Museum and seeing motorcycles and cars I only knew from photos.

So yeah, I’ll be back.