I am Zelda Monday, Sep 22 2014 

I live in fear that, one day, Facebook will declare me a non-person and suspend my account. Because I chose to use a name that means more to me than the one on my birth certificate. Because hundreds of people know me as Zelda Rose. Because Zelda Rose is how I identify myself. Because you ought to be able to call yourself what ever you want.

This is intensely depressing.

Welcome to our new home Friday, Mar 2 2012 

If you have come here from my old Blogger page, welcome! The next few days will involve some edits and changes as I get used to WordPress, so be gentle…

It’s all about something Friday, May 11 2007 

This is a blog about me, Zelda Rose. I am…

What am I? A crossdresser? Genderbender? Transgendered? Transsexual? All? None??

I was once described as “a crossdresser with transsexual leanings.” This is not a fetish to me, or a sexual turn-on. It’s where I feel comfortable, where I feel like I find something I really need.

I hate labels. But some people need them.

If I make you uncomfortable, sorry. You have the option to leave. I’m not.

This is my girlspace.

My thanks to my friend Gjorgett for giving me the name for this blog. It happened over lunch one day while shopping (or at least heavy window shopping).