Little Zelda’s trip to Southern Comfort Friday, Sep 17 2010 

Or, why I suck at trying to blog at an event…

Really, I do. I get so caught up in things that posting about it kind of falls off. It’s like taking photos-unless I really think about it, I don’t. Which is why I do not have many photos of myself. I know, bad Tgirl, give back your licence…

So, let’s start over?


Wake up far too early, toss the last few things in the bag, check the weight with the luggage scale, everything’s under, great! Say goodbye to the family, drive to Love Field for my flight. I really like flying out of Love; it’s closer to the house, small enough to get in and out of quickly. Park the car and yes, it’s now raining. Get to the terminal, queue up for the baggage check in and thank Southwest for not charging fees. Find out that the baggage scale is crap-I’m five pounds heavy. In the middle of the check-in counter I haul out two pairs of heels and move them to another bag. Problem solved-but now I have a broken nail that’s too far gone to fix so I snap the rest of it off. Damn!

Queue up for the security line, only mildly irritating. The flight leaves right on time, and we’re in Birmingham a little early. I’d never flown into Birmingham; it’s not a big airport, which means I get my bags quickly and the car rental counter is RIGHT THERE! Pick up my car (thank you, Hotwire for a cheap rate), pay the rip-off extra insurance (because my credit card won’t cover damage) and get a Nissan Versa. It is a basic transport pod, underpowered but adequate enough to make highway speeds if you don’t mind winding the motor a bit..

The drive to the hotel isn’t that long-about two hours and a bit. The Crowne Plaza Ravinia has been the host hotel the last three years; we’ve both gotten used to each other. This year, I got a room on my own; first time in years. I do like having my privacy and space. After checking in and getting pretty, I went to my favorite nail place and had the works done-manicure, pedicure, brow waxing. The women there literally jumped on me-I had two nail techs at the same time, which made keeping track of who was doing what interesting. My color of choice? OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark-very deep purple/black. With lots of clearcoat, they were nearly impervious (at least for me-no dents or chips all week!)

Back to the hotel, found friends and ended up in the lounge chatting. That’s pretty typical for me-I’m very social at SCC. Which is weird since I’m usually shy. Maybe it’s because I am kinda known there, and have a reputation already? Dinner was a salad because I didn’t feel like leaving the hotel.

I did see a friend I didn’t expect to-there was a death in the family. Her spouse’s mom; she was going to stay for the funeral and come down on Friday. These are two people I really care about-they invited me to their wedding, and that was really touching. We ended up closing the bar, and not totally sober…

And with that, I’ll post Wednesday in a bit.

ATL Wednesday, Sep 8 2010 

An early start, went to Sephora for a special SCC event. A much bigger crowd than expected (always a good thing), and I got to be a demo model for a day into night look. Really did come out well; must try to duplicate it. No new shoes, a little driving around and I imagine I’ll be out tomorrow. Seeing more people showing up-it hasn’t seemed like as large of a crowd as we usually have so var but it’s early…

So far Tuesday, Sep 7 2010 

Flight went well, checked into hotel,got nails fone, feel much better. Catching up with people, all good.

At the gate Tuesday, Sep 7 2010 

It’s a warm, sultry morning in Dallas; reminds me of home. The scale lied-ended up having to move two pairs of shoes around to meet weight limit. Bad scale! Through security, waiting for my flight…

On the clock Monday, Sep 6 2010 

Need to finish closing up bags, get the last few things settled in. Not taking carry-on if I can make weight limits. Leave house at 0530, flight is at 0740. Arrive in Birmingham at 0915, get bags and car and drive to Atlanta. Found out that there’s major road construction and people are totally nuts driving through it. Will need to add time for that and/or detours, plus the hour time difference going from Central to Eastern Time. Throwing out the plans for tomorrow, just do what I can and try to see people on the fly. Not great, but better than developing cramps like I do when I’m really stressing…TMI, I know…

Nearly done Saturday, Sep 4 2010 

I am packed. Well, almost. I want to take some stuff out and add a couple of things. Still need to pack stuff like wigs, shoes, etc. I haven’t found a pair of sandals I love yet-may have to go to Nordstroms Rack tomorrow. If not, I’ll take any suggestions for places to look in Atlanta.

I’m flying into Birmingham Tuesday morning and should be in Atlanta early that afternoon. If anyone wants to get together while I’m in town? I should have time Tuesday evening, Wednesday, and evenings through Saturday. I check out Sunday morning and will be back in Dallas that evening.

Getting ready Monday, Aug 30 2010 

I haven’t really had time to get ready for my trip to the Southern Comfort Conference; need to start packing tomorrow. Can’t really say why I’ve been so lazy about it, except I’m not that motivated right now. Why, I don’t know…

Aware of the unawareness, and the one hundreth post Monday, Aug 23 2010 

This is my one hundredth post to this blog. There’s no real significance to the subject and this fact; I just saw that I had posted ninety-nine posts already, and I wanted to take some note of this. I’m kind of surprised. I keep thinking I have not posted much to here, yet I have. One hundred posts may not be a lot compared to some bloggers, but when you constantly suffer from writer’s block it’s one hundred times I managed to get over it.


Last Saturday the spouse and I went out for breakfast. Or rather, we went to meet a group of people for breakfast, something organized by friends who wanted like-minded (aka, leather/BDSM/etc. types) to meet up. The restaurant would fit in back in New Orleans-an older building that’s seen better days, mismatched decor, but excellent food.

I was accosted by someone I know who asked I was going to a fundraiser they were working on in October. I had totally forgotten about it, and I still haven’t decided what I’m doing yet. There was a request that Zelda show up, and some not-too-subtle flattery.

Later, I was going through some photos on my phone (what, you don’t keep pictures of yourself in an unlisted directory on your phone?) and the person next to me asked who the woman was. I’ve known him for a while, but he didn’t know I was a CD. Sometimes, I just assume people know, and it kind of took me by surprise. Of course I showed off a bit-because that’s what we do, isn’t it? No matter who you are, positive attention is a good thing…

Breakfast? Good. The company was better, and afterward indulging someone’s office supply fetish was fun.

Fifteen days from now, I’ll be on my way to Atlanta for the Southern Comfort Conference. This will be my eleventh time, and it’s always an experience. Sometimes better than others. My first SCC, I got so lost finding the hotel I saw most of Atlanta. I went there only a week after 9/11; all of us who showed up felt like we were just happy to be someplace close to normal. A month after Katrina with things still undone in New Orleans I went to Atlanta and the shock of being in a normal place was hard. So was Rita hitting home while I was there. I’ve dealt with family issues, my mom’s cat dying, and other things long-distance while there.

I go to SCC because I get to see people I don’t get to see the rest of the year. I go because I get to, for a few days, be closer to what I am. I love Atlanta almost as much as I love New Orleans.

Fifteen days…

SCC 2009-only two months late! Tuesday, Nov 10 2009 

Either I feel like writing about the Southern Comfort Conference as soon as it’s over, or I end up waiting a while. It is not a matter of how much fun I had, rather what sort of mood I am in after the convention. This year? I went through some ups and downs and I’m in kind of a mid point so…

Observations from SCC 2009:

* We are finally getting used to the Crowne Plaza, which I still want to call “the new hotel.” I still miss the old venue (Sheraton Colony Square, now the W Atlanta Midtown). It was in a good location, within either walking distance to places or a relatively short drive. The Crowne Plaza is on the northwest side of Atlanta and while there is a great mall across the road (Perimeter Mall) and stores and places to eat within a short drive, everything else requires a drive on the Interstate or GA400. And rush hour in Atlanta lasts almost all day…

* The convention ended up with about as many memberships as last year. But about 40% of those were new attendees. We need more new people coming to SCC but we need to retain as many of our regulars as possible.

* Driving from Dallas to Atlanta takes about 13 hours. If you don’t have to avoid a flood, that is. I rode with someone this year, and while it was not that bad of a trip, flying is still a better option other than you can carry anything you want in a car. Speaking of cars, not having one sucked-I spent the entire convention either in the hotel or at the mall. I didn’t get to go down to Little Five Points, Outwrite Books, etc.

* I missed a lot of people this year-both who attended and who did not. I regret not being able to catch up with people I don’t get to see anyplace else. Part of this was having too many things going on, and part of it was deciding to spend time with people who I felt comfortable with.

* Only went to one seminar-after telling myself I was going to make as many as possible this year.

* Spent less time with the “pervy” girls this year. Mostly because I can’t fit into a lot of my old stuff and partly because I just haven’t felt connected to that part of me too much lately…

I know I missed something, but that’s all that I can think of right now.

At Southern Comfort Saturday, Sep 26 2009 

Having a wonderful time, wish you were here :P

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