Project Runway-episode 4 Wednesday, Dec 5 2007 

The season 4 opening is, meh.

Chris-“Project Runway should have a perfume”

Heidi does the model cut; this week two go. Jack takes Ricky’s model, the bitch.

In the workroom-it’s Tim and Nina Garcia, who’s never been there. Photos of fashion fugglies. Everyone has to select a trend before they find out what the challenge is. Oh no, TEAMS OF THREE and they have to create three looks incorporating all three fugglies, as a line, updated to today…

Now they have to chose teams and leaders:

Chris, Sweet P and Steven
Jillian, Rami and Kevin
Ricky, Victorya and Elysa
Kit, Christian, and Jack

Fabric shopping and the fights have started…

Ricky figures out he needs to talk to Elysa in her language-which is unknown to most mortals…

Commercial break. This week’s challenge is, honestly, not impressing me. Yet.

Day two…Shiny, happy designers.

Stephen does a great Tim imitation.

Victorya is taking over Ricky’s outfit, and he doesn’t like it.

The models come in, and honestly, things are better than I expected. Well, almost. And the bitching has started. I see Victorya and Ricky having a catfight, soon…Like, now. She’s ignoring Ricky, and he’s fuming.

Jillian thinks Kevin is taking too long. So’s Rami.

Tim arrives…Likes Kat’s group, worried about Chris’, picks a bit on Jillian, gives Ricky’s team the “not well finished” which is deadly, and Victorya is acting like she’s in charge.

Victorya is being a bitch. She wants to lead from the back, and let Ricky take the bullet.

Midnight comes, Jillian’s unhappy because Kevin’s shorts are not done. MORE Victorya vs. Ricky. Auff them both, at this point.

Commercial break. The producers are ramping up the Victoria/Ricky thing way too much.

Oh, great, a Top Chef holiday cook-off. Right…

Runway day! Elisa is the sane one between Victorya and Ricky. Scary. Which Victorya is redoing her outfit. Kevin’s busting ass to finish.

Tim sends the models in. No major disasters. Yet.

Ricky and Victorya FINALLY agree on something. Gravity is repealed.

Kevin got the shorts done in the last minute, and they look good.

Another commercial break..Pet the kitty break!

Runway time! Special guest judge? Donna Karan.

Team Jillian first-Not bad, it looked like a collection
Team Chris-Not as cohesive a collection I think.
Team Christian-Maybe not so good
Team Ricky-Um…

They’re doing the winner right off-Team Jillian. Which made sense. it WAS a collection.

Team Christian moves on to the next challenge.

Which leaves Ricky and Chris. Chris’ collection gets taken apart. Steven and Chris get taken down, Sweet P gets props. Ricky’s team gets nailed for construction, Elysa got props, Victorya actually gave Ricky props. Ricky got whacked for construction, again. And Victorya is shooting Ricky down, of course. When Heidi does the who would you auff question, Sweet P nearly has a heart attack and apologizes profusely to Steven…

So who should be auffed? Steven or Victorya, though Ricky dodged a bullet last challenge and when someone ends up back in the basement again, they usually don’t get a third chance…(at 9:54 PM)

And who gets auffed? Chris. Damn! I am so mad right now…

I’ll miss him.

Next week, BIG drama with Jack! I heard rumors, but I won’t say anything until I know for sure…

Confession Sunday, Dec 2 2007 

I love Project Runway. It’s been an obsession since last season, and anyone who’s on my LiveJournal knows just how bad I am. I have been doing episode reviews this season, and I am going to start cross posting them here. Why? Because I can, kids…