The slow sadness of Roberta Cowell Saturday, Feb 8 2014 

‘It’s easier to change a body than to change a mind’: The extraordinary life and lonely death of Roberta Cowell – Profiles – People – The Independent.

Cowell was one of the first people to have GRS in the UK. A former RAF pilot and racing driver, her life changed drastically over the years. She separated from her family, became a recluse, and eventually died alone. Cowell abandoned her family and chose her path, and I feel incredibly sad for her.

If the RAF can accept my gender transition, why cant the media? | Society | The Observer Thursday, Jun 6 2013 

If the RAF can accept my gender transition, why cant the media? | Society | The Observer.

A great story about Ayla Holdom, a search and rescue pilot in the RAF who is transitioning with the support of her friends, family and employer. Even so, she’s had to face press reports that are misleading and even false. Her courage is incredible.

Monica Sunday, Feb 17 2008 

Although I’ve known about Monica Greene, owner of Monica’s aca y alla in Dallas being a transperson, I’ve never really heard her story. I found a link to an article in the Dallas Observer from 2003, ten years after her surgery.

It’s a very good piece, but it also points out how accepted Monica is. She was a successful restaurant owner who had serious doubts about staying in Dallas and transitioning, yet managed to do so and making her business successful. She did not hide her transsexuality; at times she used it in her advertising to make a point about change.

It also says something about Dallas. I’d never have thought when I moved here that you could be openly trans and successful. But Dallas does seem to have its surprises…

Today, Monica’s is still a very successful restaurant, and she even placed second in 2005’s city council race. And still happy with her choices.