How low can you go? Pretty damed low. Thursday, Apr 30 2009 

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R. NC) on the murder of Matthew Shepard:

The truth about Matthew Shepard’s death is unquestioned. He was not a victim of a robbery; he was murdered because he was gay. Matthew Shepard was lured by two men into their car, driven to a remote area, pistol-whipped, tortured, then tied to a fence and left for eighteen hours before he was found by accident. In a coma, he died days later.

One of Matthew’s killers pleaded guilty; the other was convicted. Both are serving live without parole terms in prison. The Wyoming legislature-which did not have a hate crimes bill-passed one in response to the killing. A bill-the Matthew Shepard Act-extending hate crimes as a federal offense to gender and sexual orientation-has been stymied in the past but was up for a vote in this Congress.

Which is when Rep. Foxx opened her mouth.

To say that Matthew Shepherd was not killed because he was gay is a lie. The facts in the case prove it. To make this statement in front of Matthew’s mother-who has had to suffer the loss of her child-is cruel and insulting. Rep. Foxx reveals herself for what she is-a homophobic bigot.

The Matthew Shepherd Act passed the House yesterday 249-173, and is up for consideration in the Senate.

The Gathering Storm Saturday, Apr 18 2009 

Steven Colbert warns us about gay marriage…

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Sometimes, they get it right Thursday, Mar 5 2009 

I love this. It’s an ad for an Argentine bank; you really need to watch it. Because it says far more about how one person can learn to accept not by being forced, but by realizing how human we all are.

I’d bank with them, if they had an American branch. Probably safer than banking with some companies here…

Kids say the darndest things Thursday, Feb 26 2009 

Seven year old Jazz’s thoughts on being transgendered:

Somehow she says far more in a few seconds that makes sense than a lot of us ever do.

Who needs love when there’s "Law And Order?" Tuesday, Feb 3 2009 

I can’t believe I have not posted this before:

The incredibly fabulous Amanda Palmer singing “Leeds United” from the album, “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?”

And why don’t you own this yet?

EDIT: Forgot to mention that this was the video that got her record company all bothered ’cause it showed that she’s got a real tummy. They wanted to cut all the scenes showing her belly out because chicks with real bodies don’t sell (according to her record company)…

Pam Hogg Thursday, Apr 24 2008 

Some of her delicious runway shows.

Oh, by the way. Friday, Mar 21 2008 

Today’s my birthday. Nothing special going on. Going to New Orleans for the first time by myself since I moved away almost two years ago.

So, yah, that’s it. Oh, here’s a video:

Where the name DivaMissZ came from Sunday, Jun 24 2007 

My inspiration, Lady Miss Kier of Dee-Lite:

Just a short hop to Divahood, you know?

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