Hyperbole and a Half: Adventures in Depression Saturday, Nov 19 2011 

A cartoonist gives one of the best descriptions of depression from the inside I’ve ever read. Sadly, I know how this feels all to well…

Choice Tuesday, Sep 6 2011 

A depressed actress battling suicidal thoughts is visited by choice incarnate and given a simple yet timeless ultimatum, live or die. “Choice” is an inspirational film meant to remind people that even though there are no guarantees in life, its still worth the risk.

We all have choices. If you feel like you have none, talk to someone, get help. Live.

Going to The Church Monday, Jun 6 2011 

The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend I finally got out to The Church-first time since November. Because The Church is only on Thursday and Sunday nights, it’s hard to find people to go out with me. But since it was a Monday holiday…

It took me longer than normal to get ready-I just couldn’t find the right outfit. I got dressed, and within ten minutes I hated what I was wearing. So I had to get dressed all over again, and barely made it out of the house in time. I decided on something Gothy but basic-sheer black t-shirt that I got off eBay years ago, black cami underneath, my red and black leopard print corset from Timeless Trends, the black lace covered mini from Torrid, fishnets (of course!) and my black patent lace-up knee boots from Electrique Boutique.

Got to The Church and started finding people I knew. We’d posted a note to the Dallas Feminine Expressions Meetup group, but knowing that this is not everyone’s cup of tea, I didn’t expect many to show up. We had about eight people, which was better than I’d expected, and everyone loved the place. Plus, I got to meet some fun people, got compliments on my outfit, gave compliments, danced my ass off, and had a great time. A lot better than I’ve had in years.

Part of that was being in a place that I like. I “grew up” in the goth scene, and I still fondly remember going to The Blue Crystal/Whirling Dervish in New Orleans, and other places in Atlanta and Chicago. Dancing to music that feels right to me? Fabulous!

But also I’ve been seeing a doctor about some issues. I’ve been diagnosed with thyroid problems, and being treated for it. I’ve also started antidepressants, because I can’t live the way I have been for so long. Hopefully both will get me back to a place where I’ll feel better. Not totally, but more than I have been.

This coming weekend is A-Kon, a huge anime/manga/cosplay/etc. convention here in Dallas. I’ve volunteered/been volunteered to judge a maid’s contest again. Unlike All-Con I’m not going to try to cram everything into one day; I’ll hit the vendor’s up on Friday, do the judging and walkabout Saturday. Now to find some things to wear…

Changes Sunday, Apr 18 2010 

I decided to change the template on my blog, in lieu of any actual writing. I haven’t been out much. Last night, it was pouring rain. Time before that, someone needed support. Managed to make it out for GEAR’s fifth anniversary; think I shocked people.

I may write more later. Or not.

Miserable? It must be U | The Register Saturday, Feb 2 2008 

Well, this explains a lot:

Miserable? It must be U | The Register

Great, I have a few more years of this crap…

What’s Eating Zelda Rose? Wednesday, Jan 30 2008 

I haven’t posted anything here in a long time. Very little to my LiveJournal. And I have ignored my Yahoo360 and MySpace, but that’s normal.

Some people get depressed and it makes them more creative; I get depressed and it shuts me down. I start drifting, and right now it’s very easy to drift.

Sorry if I’ve disappointed my public, but I’m just not in the mood :(